Welcome to breidt.net

This page is proably for ever under construction. Thanks for your patience. Please have a look at the MAXScript section of this website.

Some updates

Nov 22, 2016

Uploaded a new script to compute the convex hull as well as an article on how to use binary Python extensions with 3ds Max.

Still there

Apr 25, 2015

Just a short note that I am still around, despite the lack of web page updates.

New tutorial

Jun 14, 2009

Just finished the first version of my new article on gamma correction for 3D CGI.

References added

March 04, 2009

Following up on my new "Quote ware" license, I added a new references page to this website that lists some of the commcercial projects and studios that use some of my tools.

New license for downloadable tools

Nov 26, 2008

All my downloadable tools are now published with a new license which I call "Quote ware". See the entry on the scripts page for more information.

New Resource Collector script

Aug 19, 2008

New Utility script for collecting/archiving all assets of the current scene. Useful if you want to quickly send your entire scene to someone else. Please go to the scripts page for more information on the updated scripts.

infoOverlay and projectSwitcher updated

Feb 05, 2008

New updates for infoOverlay and projectSwitcher with several new functions. Please go to the scripts page for more information on the updated scripts.

New gizmoControl script

Jul 29, 2007

There is a new 3ds Max script online that can link the transformation of a modifier's gizmo to any node. Check out the scripts page for more information.

New tutorial

Jul 15, 2007

There is a new tutorial online that explains the math behind some commonly used functions. Check out the tutorials page for more information.

Google Ads

Apr 30, 2007

I have added Google Ads on the MAXScript part of my website. Not sure I will keep it that way, but maybe it pays for some of the hosting fees I have to pay for this site?


Apr 26, 2007

I finally managed to update my web pages - at least the layout and design, the content has stayed pretty much the same. The maxscript part is fairly complete and currently hosts 24 downloadable scripts. The content for the other parts were just copied over from the old site.